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Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Diamonds have always been considered as the perfect gift for any occasion. A customized ring designed especially for your fiancé is the best way to express your love. Diamonds mark an occasion as a memorable one. Designing a ring yourself for your beloved is possibly the best feeling one can ever have as engagement is the first occasion to publically show your love towards her.
The design of the ring can be designed depending on the taste and the expectations of the beloved. There are various stores that offer Diamond engagement rings but very few of them allow you to design your own engagement ring.
Designing your own ring also enables you to get a pretty design in your budget. On the other hand if you go to a store and ask the designer to design a ring as per your requirement, you will find it to be more costly than you had assumed. Though you may get a ring you want, from an online store, but again that may need a lot of search.
To design your own engagement ring. You just need to follow three simple steps:
1.       Step 1, you have to select the type of ring you want. For this, you have various options to choose from. You may find it confusing to choose a ring out of all the options available, but you can make your work easy by choosing which type of ring you want, such as: Choose whether you want a Solitaire ring, Side Stone ring or a Pave ring. This will easy your search and wave off your confusion.
2.       Step 2, you will now have to select the type of diamond you want to embed in the ring. You can select the shape, color, clarity, cut, polish type etc… and when you are done will all the selections, you get the final price. You are free to make minor changes and reduce the price till it fits into your budget. This is probably the best way to shop for a diamond engagement ring.
3.       Step 3, you have to make the final payment for the delivery and it is all done. You get the ring at the delivered address.
Though you may have some doubts regarding few constraints about the online diamond stores, but the following facilities may help you order with confidence:
·         30 day return
·         Money Back Guarantee
·         Free Worldwide Shipping
·         Free Ring Resizing
·         Insurance Appraisal
·         Customer Testimonials
·         Conflict Free Diamonds
·         Free Gift Packaging
Anyone would prefer shopping online for the diamond engagement rings rather than moving to the market place and search for the ring of their choice. Imagine the experience of designing the engagement ring for your beloved and presenting it to her in public with pride.
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