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solitaire diamond rings

No doubt, solitaire diamond ring is a supreme gift. Everyone is familiar with its unique sparkling shine. Moreover, there is no sentimental gift alternative to this. One can use this in rings made especially for wedding purposes. In addition, you can also incorporate these diamonds to a jewelry article in order to gift to your loved ones.

These diamonds are simply unbeatable. This is the hardest substance on earth and still has a soft corner for it in the hearts of everyone. It was believed strongly in the past that if a patient is injured or ill, then by making a sign of cross in his hand by using diamond, he could cure his illness.   

If you are going to marry or being engaged, then one thing that will surely comes to your mind is the decision regarding selection of engagement or wedding ring. It is very much important as everyone wants to make his day memorable. Solitaire diamond ring is the best option for this. You can approach a lot of variety of these from any of the jewelry store.

You can gift either a small or a large solitaire diamond ring to a lady in your life depending upon the fact that which is going to suit the most on her hand. It is such a gift, which, can also be used to cherish an angry girlfriend.

Now one can have an idea about its importance in our daily matters. Therefore, you must be careful while buying this. You should ponder over three of the main characteristics by which a quality solitaire diamond can be distinguished from the rest. This includes color, cut and clarity of the diamond. These are also known as the three C’s of the solitaire diamond. These are the parameters that define the quality of a diamond.

Color is one of those characters of a diamond which, first of all, comes in the mind of a buyer. A quality diamond should be clear and colorless. Diamonds are available in seven colors. These are the colors, which make up rainbow. Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red are amongst these colors. Yellow and brown are most common shades. There is a proper grading of diamonds that is according to the color point of view. This system includes alphabets starting from D-Z. DEF includes those diamonds, which are colorless. The diamonds which come under the category of GHIJ are just colorless. KLM includes the diamonds usually in yellowish shade. NOPQR comprises of such gems, which are normally yellow and visible with the naked eye. Last but not the least is the category of STUVWXYZ, it ranges from yellow and move to brown color.

Clarity is the second “C” in this regard. A quality diamond is clear in all respects. It should be free from all kind of adulterations like mineral traces. Apart from it, it must be free from any kind of scratches.
The brilliance of a diamond is characterized by its cut, which is the third “C” in this category. These cuts should be of proper shape and depth. The reflection of light is also determined by its cuts. If a diamond is unable to reflect most of light falling on it, then it is not considered a good class solitaire diamond.
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