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Different style Engagement ring setting

As we know that, for couples engagement is a very precious moment of life. A stunning engagement ring setting is quite essential to make it extra special, so while choosing your engagement ring setting you should consider the process as well as the piece of jewellery in order to make the right choice of ring.

Antique engagement ring setting is considered as one of the most preferred and traditional aspect of ring setting that couples feel affection for. There are many setting which present a passionate and attractive ring style of reproduction vintage style setting made from white gold and platinum.

If you want to go with solitaire engagement ring setting you would found three different styles options that is prong, bevel and pave. You need to consider every aspect of these styles as some of them may cost you higher.

In Prong setting the diamonds seems to be larger and more stunning, as reflected lights from all directions hits the diamonds in equal amount. Hooks are slender and discreet this is why it is hard to notice them. The major disadvantage of prone setting is that sometimes the hooks get snagged on clothing.

Another ring setting that you should consider is the bevel setting. This setting has its own benefit as gem stone in the ring will be held in very securely. Metal rims keep the diamond securely in place as it also surrounds the diamond. Moreover the rim above the diamond extends slightly in order to protect the edges. This setting is not as popular as the prong setting but still in fashion for long.

Pave setting is renowned for its charm and fascination. It is a cluster of small diamonds that are coated along the surface of the ring. It looks gorgeous when light hits the diamond because it is designed in such a manner that its facets force light to reflect off. These setting rings are inlaid and decorated with minor diamonds.

In order to choose the best setting, now you need to compare the price of this engagement ring setting according to your budget. Do not forget to search online stores, as they always offer heavy discounts for their customers.
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